The shape of Karate Do

What is meant by the Karate Kata or Form Do? If we try an explanation synthetic, we must begin by saying that human beings from generation to generation, have developed various methods and techniques of fighting or unarmed combat, and were accumulating the most varied and ingenious techniques of combat (attack and defense) until eventually forming well-defined movements, without excesses of any kind, thus giving rise to pure forms, or kata.
These forms of Karate Do characterized by great formality in movements that become a real art to combine all kinds of defence and attack. At any practice Kata, one moves accurately, without the slightest exaggeration or ostentation, imagining the enemy offensive and responding to it automatically from any position and direction, either forward or backward, either on the right or the left is advancing or retreating, changing the face, and so on.
There are several forms or Katas. Some have twenty different positions and other reach sixty more. Each Kata is expresses through systematic movements of defence and attack, following a slow pace (prolonging movements), fast (shorten) or intermediate rate movements.
In an initial classification we can divide the Katas in two rounds:

1. The Basic, whose main objective is to strengthen the body to make it fit for the practice of Karate Do, as for example with the Katas: Sanchin, Naifanchin and Rokyshu;
2. The way Kaishu (a way to move his hands and arms) has as its main objective to study and improve techniques. Some examples include: Pian I to V, Bassai, Kushanku and Seienchin.

These forms are essential to study deeply and improve techniques. But at the same time serve to complete the essential training in Karate Do.
The Katas serve as a method of decreasing physical force (administration, instantly appropriate); Method detention of force (ie the total domination of one’s own physical force in motion); breathing method; Method for rapid change front; And as a method to achieve stability in the centre of gravity of the body, and so on.
Through constant practice of these Forms can understand the importance of the value of the existence of the Katas step of discovering who exercised the secret taste of perfection of movement. But it also runs a risk who are accustomed to the systematic practice of Katas:
The risk of forgetting its deep meaning Content with just the mere technical part.
It also tends to occur from time to practice some form come to add extravagant movements, perhaps for good performances meaningless. It is therefore easy to deviate from the true aim of the practice of the way if one loses sight of its essence that is removed completely pro – when properly practice – any exaggeration. When the latter occurs Kata can be transformed into a little dance. It is desirable, then, to understand fully the significance of the Katas and practise seriously. In doing so, and though unable to hear properly the existing variety of Katas, it is recommended improved in two or three ways, each person cree those that are most appropriate for their physical constitution.


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