Face Mask for CADET

Face mask ini adalah salah satu perlengkapan pertandingan yang wajib di pergunaan bagi karateka. Untuk face mask ini diperuntukan pada katagori CADET sesuai surat edaran dari President WKF Antonios Espinos

Madrid, 29th July 2008

Dear President:
As you know, starting 1st of January 2009, the WKF “Face Mask” protection will be compulsory for the kumite CADET categories worldwide. The Face Mask is a unique concept and much different from any other protection used in Martial Arts and combat sports. It has been tested to guarantee full compliance with the targets defined, keeping at the same time the identity of the competitors before the public.

The Face Mask has been patented and registered, being the WKF the owner of all the rights.

It will be commercially available worldwide before the end of next October,through the national distribution networks of the five main brands approved by the WKF, namely Adidas, Arawaza, Budoland, Sports Master and Tokaido. The addresses of these five distributors are already available in the WKF website http://www.wkf.net.

The Face Mask will be of compulsory use in all National Championships from 1st of January 2009.

We enclose you the digital image of the Face Mask as provided by the

This is a crucial and decisive step in the modern WKF and karate history. Wekindly ask you to provide the best and broadest diffusion of it between all the members of your Federation.


Antonio Espinós
WKF President

World Karate Federation
Galería de Vallehermoso, 4, 3º – 28003 Madrid – Spain
Phone: +34 91 535 96 32, Fax: +34 91 535 96 33, e-mail: wkf@telefonica.net, http://www.wkf.net


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